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Your dealership is online. Your Inventory is online. Your customer is online. Where is your team? Enlisiting employees to champion on behalf of your brand is the best ways to leverage social channels. It's time to give your business a much larger footprint than what your marketing team is capable of reaching solo.

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If you haven't had a chance to connect with Renee, I will say you are missing out on knowing what an amazing person she is with many unique skills. She has great expertise that is delivered in very efficient personal branding and leadership strategies. While working with Renee, I not only found her as a person with great wisdom, but someone who is 100% focused on her clients. Renee is one of the best professionals I've ever met in my life and I send this recommendation without hesitation. Renee comes to the table with solutions, and working with her is a signature of success.
Chris Costner
Executive Vice President of Sales / Calldrip
Renee Stuart is a true subject matter expert and is extremely passionate about helping automotive professionals develop their inner auto expert! Her coaching solutions are world class and will make significant positive change in both your professional career as well as personal life. Her services are truly making significant impact in an industry where professional development is often left low on the to-do list. By working with Renee you will be making an investment in yourself that will have an infinite ROI!
Barron Meade
Automotive Industry Thought Leader | Super Connector
Renee is a rare find in this world of people that promise but rarely deliver. She is able to pull the star that is inside you and put it center stage! You can get to where you want, or you can get to where you want quickly. Renee has the creativity, ingenuity and intuition that it takes to help you reach your goals.If you are reading this review consider yourself lucky, as you only have one more step to reach your goals.
Quinton Gentry
Internet Director / Hudiburg Auto Group
Upon meeting Renee, I immediately wanted to work with her. As a business owner, I missed having someone to talk strategy with and discuss employment concerns. Renee has been a breath of fresh air! During the short time I've worked with her, I have no doubt that she's made me a better owner and manager. Renee is skilled at getting to the root of a problem, showing an alternative solution and coaching you through a solution. If you're looking to take your career to the next level, look no further than Reputation Revenue.
Kate Frost
President / Kate Frost Inc.
There are no words to describe how much of an impact Coach Renee Stuart has made not just on my sales career - but on my ENTIRE life. Working with Renee has allowed me to identify what motivates me and makes me happy. Her methods and approaches have allowed me to discover things about myself that I was not aware that I knew. And she does it in a way where you control the process. When faced with a decision, I often "refer" back to our conversations during coaching sessions in my mind and am almost immediately presented with a clear course of action. Amazing! I would highly recommend Coach Renee to anyone looking for clarity, focus and purpose in their career and personal life.
Kevin McCarthy
Internet Sales Manager / Mike Toler Jeep Chrysler Dodge
When I met Renee, I was looking for someone who was willing to help me explore my options with flexibility and vigor. Which really means, I wanted to work with someone who would push me come up with real, long term solutions. With laser focus, she reminded me of the what our goals were and made sure that we stayed on track and on task. I look forward to working with her again, SOON!
Rick Walter
Digital Marketing Director / Lost Pines Toyota
Renee is one of the most impressive people I've encountered in business, and we are lucky to have her in the automotive community. I met Renee at an automotive conference and found her personal branding approach truly amazing. We soon began an 8-week program where I realized more self-discovery and business potential than I had in many years. She is so immersed in her subject matter, that the discussions and interactions are second nature. Her career coaching style is best in class, combining a solid process with her personal observations and conclusions. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to discover both where their "money spot" is, and how to maximize their potential. Thank you Renee for teaching me so much.
George Nenni
Vice President of Operations / Dominion Enterprises
I had the pleasure of first meeting Renee through a work related conference. I was immediately impressed with Renee and her ability to bring out the best in people. I have since hired her to help me with my own personal branding and coaching. Renee is very knowledgeable and helpful. As long as you are willing to put the work in, you will be richly rewarded with a new understanding of yourself and your unique gifts. I highly recommend Renee if you are looking to improve, change or freshen up your current situation.
Jodi Trudeau
Social Media Marketing / Trudeau's Marine
Renee is a renaissance leader in an industry lead all-too-often by people refusing to move forward. All of my interactions with Renee over the past two and a half years have been professional, insightful and very directed. Not afraid to move into unknown territory or try new things, Renee greatly enabled Lexus of Portland countless times to new heights. She can easily spearhead new projects while maintaining her impeccable level of management and not miss a beat. Through our discussions, I have witnessed the great insight she maintains and that is not something you deal with regularly in automotive retail. She is brutally honest while completely understanding and sincere. Renee possesses great attributes that will continue to allow her to lead other organizations in the Future. And speaking of the future, Renee's is very bright. She has my complete endorsement.
Gary May
President / Interactive Marketing and Consulting Services
Renee has a gift and she has chosen to use it for the betterment of professionals in the car business. At times we need an empathic ear who can help guide us on the path we need to, and want to take. Renee uses techniques that are finely honed and skilled, allows you to find the path and helps you to run on it when you can and shows you where to slow down and take a breath when you need to. My professional career has been forever changed, my understanding of my self-worth has been transformed, I am a better professional because of Renee.
Micah Birkholz
Automotive Sales and Retention Marketer / 1:16 Digital Media
If you want a flowery description of Renee, check out all these other testimonials. But if you're looking for a "to the point" answer for what I think of Renee, then here are the facts: I met Renee on Google+, and soon after I responded to a survey she sent out. At this same time, I was literally at the start of an "attitude shift" with regard to my career. Two weeks into my new attitude adjustment, I was selected by Renee to participate in a case study she was conducting on the Impact of Personal Branding for Automotive Professionals. Sensing the momentum I was experiencing in my career due to my change in attitude, I accepted the challenge and joined Renee's case study. Now for the results! I have been salesman of the month, every month since I began working with Renee (this has been 5 months in a row). And now, at the end of the 6th month, I’ve been promoted and achieved my goal of becoming a Finance Manager. Coaching Delivers Results! P.S. 35% of my income for 2011 was made between October and December while I was working with Renee.
Scott Tyner
Sales Consultant / Woody Butts Chevrolet
It has been a pleasure to work with Renee. She has a total grasp of the critical variables of setting up a high performance team. Renee understands the importance of world-class processes starting with having the right people in the right positions. She was looking for a company to assist her in finding and hiring the best people. That's how I met Renee. She was instrumental in setting up our processes at Lexus of Portland. In the style of a real pro, Renee worked with her team to make the implementation process proceed smoothly, which took an incredible amount of skill and patience. I would highly recommend Renee to identify and implement solutions to any issues you may be having. She is a real professional and it has been a pleasure working with her.
Steve Munyan
President / Hire the Winners
Renee Stuart combines real-world experience and insight with the know-how to enable her clients to resonate with their potential customers in-person and on the web at the Zero Moment of Truth. She also has a unique passion for helping people achieve. I'm more confident and more focused, as a result of what I've learned working with Renee.
Joshua Michael Friedman
Internet Sales Manager / Heritage Chevrolet
The reason Renee Stuart is successful is solely because she CARES. She cares about the personal growth and success of everyone who allows her to coach them and mentor them in their careers and lives. And "caring" is a vastly underrated trait when looking for someone to help personally motivate and guide you to achieve more from your current position in life. I strongly recommend Renee to anyone interested in a smart, proven, experienced, kind, and CARING leadership coach.
Joe Webb
President / DealerKnows
Quite simply, Renee is THE expert in personal brand discovery and leadership for the automotive industry. The changes and accomplishments I've had myself and seen others have is truly remarkable. Her guidance has caused my business to grow and my referral to clients has done the same. She is genius at getting to the bottom of why you're not getting what you want and guides you to getting it! She has transformed people and businesses. If you're ready, take the action for you and your business, but only if you're ready. Adventure awaits those who are brave enough to look at themselves, make changes and truly live your dreams.
Kathi Kruse
Founder & CEO / Kruse Control Inc
I won't make this long. The fact is Renee is a deep thinking and extremely knowledgeable coach. I would like to think of myself as a self motivated entrepreneur. Too many of us in this category limit ourselves by thinking we can do it all and we operate at a level that we are self sufficient. One session with Coach Renee will dispel all those beliefs. I operate at a much higher level and my career (and Life) path is etched in stone thanks to her. Many thanks and Kudos to you coach Renee. You are a true inspiration to me.
Troy "Turbo" Spring
President / Dealer World
At some point in every professional's career they need to take the plunge and explore working with a professional branding coach - and that coach needs to be Renee Stuart. Working with Renee is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself personally & professionally. Her successful automotive experiences, ability to empathize and truly connect on a personal level makes her extremely valuable and an absolute must-have as a recommendation for your professional contact list. Contact her & connect with her today - but I'll warn you now, you'll miss her incredibly once your weekly coaching sessions are over. Thank you for all that you did for me Renee; keep up the great work!
Eric Miltsch
President / Command Z Automotive Consulting
Renee is one of the best in the automotive business in understanding that the car business, despite all the technological advances, is a people business. She helps people to grow, develop and understand the opportunities -- individually and organizationally -- that they need to be aware of in order to be as successful as they'd like to be. Her to day-to-day expertise in the auto industry is a truly exceptional and distinguishes her from the rest and ultimately makes her best in class. I highly recommend Renee to anyone that has the opportunity to work with her.
Jim Flint
President / Local Search Group
Once in a while in this hum-drum Automotive world of so-called experts, Consultants and Guru's, your privileged enough to interact with someone that breathes new life and love into the Industry. Renee is such a catalyst. I've been fortunate enough to know her for several years and am enamored of her passion, drive, vision and character. She gives more than she takes and has a positive influence on the lives of any she comes into contact with. I've watched as she's shown unsung Heroes of Automotive how to maximize their talents and exposure and led them to new heights in their careers. I'm blessed to call her a friend and recommend anyone wanting to truly maximize their potential to contact the Coach.
Bryan Armstrong
e-Commerce Director / VW Southtowne
I’ve known Renee for a number of years and she is still enthusiastic as ever! That motivation and drive powered behind her vast experience and knowledge makes Renee an amazing resource… Renee is a savvy business women who continues to learn and challenge herself daily and I respect her for that. If you have the pleasure of meeting Renee, you’ll make friends with her in no time!
Joel London
Vice President Sales / NW Office Interiors
For those of you who don't know Renee Stuart.... YOU NEED TO NOW! As a former co-worker watching her work the day to day operations and how she TEAMS up with clients was enough for me to take a step back and reflect on myself. From work ethics to how I handle clients inside and even outside of the office. As I have reached out to her for help in branding my Coaching business I now see what creates her success and her clients successes. Her Passion to make your brand visible to everyone you're trying to reach will empower you to take your Business, Ideas, and Work Ethic, to a whole other level! She has pushed me to levels of achievement that would have taken me years to reach solo. I Thank You for that Renee as for everyone else if you are ready to see the changes in your life or business you've always desired DON'T WAIT!
Brett Snyder
National Sales Trainer / Traeger Pellet Grills
If you are serious about success then you know how important a great coach is to help you reach your true potential, the one you don’t even know you’re capable of! If you work in the car business, and you are serious about real success you need look into Renee Stuart and her company Reputation Revenue. She is the nations ONLY career coach that specifically works with retail automotive professionals. There are many trainers out there that can tell you what to say to a given objection, Renee will help you realize your inner strengths, build your personal brand and leverage your expertise to reach the top of your game! From the Service Writer to the General Manager position, Renee’s many years of retail car dealership experience give her a unique insight and firmly establish that there is no one in the nation better suited to coach you to your very best!  As Renee says, "It pays to be recognizably unique."
Mike Correra
Sales Manager / Raceway Ford
Renee has been in the Auto Industry her whole life. She knows where it's been, and most importantly she knows where it's going. Renee is a true over-achiever and is filled with knowledge, integrity, energy and results. She is the person that delivers and gets the job done!
Josh Berger
General Manager / Stockton Nissan/Kia
Working with Renee has truly been a pleasure. She is positive, driven, and truly has her client's best interest at heart. She is committed to very high standards of excellence, which is a rare quality to find in people today, and will succeed at what she puts her mind to...of that I am confident.
Scott Falcone
President / Presto Reviews
Renee has the unique ability to make you feel like you are the ONLY person that matters to her while making you dig into yourself to find out why you are who you are. She can suspend time while talking to her, hours seem like minutes, and she makes you yearn for more. I consider myself blessed by meeting her and WILL continue to do business with her as YOU should too.
Jeremy Brown Sr.
Sales Manager / Fiore Toyota Scion VW Audi